Student courses at the headquarter school

The Select Lessons


At the headquarter in Chigasaki you are welcome to enroll into

The Blumenschule SELECT LESSONS

They function as trial lessons for newcomers.


We are also able to come to your school and teach the Select Lessons to your students!



Until now, our 144 items were taught in a regular order, from No.1 to No.2 to No.3 up to No.144.

Divided in 4 levels, Beginner, Basic, Progess and Intensive.

This is still the best way to study, step by step.



We selected 9 flower designs and grouped them into 3 collections.

The Select lessons are meant to be starter lessons, trial lessons for new students.


Be welcome!





No member fee for the first 3 design lessons!

You can choose your favorite item from 9 selected designs.
We do not ask for a member fee up to 3 items!


So, feel free to try our lessons in an easy and relaxed way.
Choose your favorite design and your best day!


We offer lessons in Japanese and in English.

Kozue Takahashi is your instructor teaching in Japanese.

Gabriele Kubo is your instructor teaching in English and in Japanese.





Lessons take place one day in a month.


1design & text= ¥7,400


Lesson fee:

1item ¥7,400(incl. material and text, plus tax)


Up to 3 items, your member fee is ¥0.

From the 4th item, the member fee will be ¥4.000.

It's a one time payment.


①10:00~12:00 ②13:00~15:00 ③15:30~17:30


Your teacher:

in Japanese: Kozue Takahashi, Professional Instructor

in English and Japanese: Gabriele Kubo, Meister Instructor



Hana Ami Blumenschule headquarter
Kanagawa, Chigasaki City, Matsugaoka 2-11-5



The 3 selections


We offer  9 out of our 144 flower designs, which characterize our school:


Selection A

The Square Selection

A1 Building a construction like a trellis. This item will teach you useful techniques

A2 A mat as a structural design. This workpiece has a Japanese atmosphere.

A3 The Flemish Frame: Inside a frame, flowers are gathering. Shells and feathers are added, the workpiece looks like a picture.

A1 The hedge

A2  Upright rectangle

A3  Flemish picture

Selection B

The Strauss Selection

B1 Learn how to tie a handtied bouquet ( Strauss in German), how to add and how to place the flowers correctly.

B2 A bouquet with a structure. Learn about he balance between the compact inner flowers and the light outer structure.

B3 A long stem bouquet, wrapped into a natural grass mat. A combination of fresh and dry flowers.

B1  Round Strauss, staggered

B2  Loosened outline with a compact inner life

B3  Wrapped Strauss

Selection C

The Christmas collection

C1 A fresh green wreath, using a traditional German wreath binding technique

C2 A star made out of dry lavender combined with expressive flowers. A modern Christmas item

C3 A handtied bouquet with a candle in the center. This design contains many detailed wiring techniques.

C1  Advent wreath, binding technique

C2 A star as a present

C3  Christmas candle Strauss


Choose your design, choose your days


From the menue below, choose your favorite design and the dates, which fit to your schedule.

Up to 3 lessons is member-fee-free!


1 item :no member fee

2 items: no member fee

3 items: no member fee

4 items: from here, you turn into a Hana Ami Blumenschule student! We ask for a one-time member fee of ¥5.000

Your chance to switch into the regular courses

If you liked our lessons, you can switch into the regular Blumenschule courses at any time. We will count the Select lessons you took into your student booklet. No added member fee occurs.


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