Instructor Course Prices

1 Item ¥20,000

The Instructor course fee of the Hana Ami Blumenschule is a fixed price for all of our Meister Instructor schools.

The 4 Instructor courses (Junior Instructor, Advance Instructor, Senior Instructor and Professional Instructor course) cost all the same price.


1course costs

Tuition fee

¥20,000×36 items

Japanese text fee


Instructor License Test fee


Instructor License Authorization fee




plus tax

About the Japanese text:

a translator in your language will be translating the lessons and reading the textes together with you. 

If you want to receive the textes already printed in your language, we have to ask for an additional fee, depending on the volume. 



Place: Chigasaki, Kanagawa-ken

Instructor: Kazumasa Kubo



Tuition fee includes all material costs

Rates may be revised


Payment times:

At the beginning: text fee

Each time: tuition fee

At the end: License test fee, license authorization fee



Payment Method: Bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, cash 

[Instructor License Yearly Renewal Fee]


You can choose how your aquired license works:.

* Renew your active license:     ¥20,000 yen renewal fee per year

* Renew your inactive license:   ¥ 5,000 yen renewal fee per year

* Stop your license:                 no renewal fee.