Progress course (Senior Student Course)


The Progress course is a step to awaken your creativity. By creating handmade Manschette and woven mats that require a thorough manual work, and incorporating them into the design, we add complexity and creativity. You will be inspired to work on modern arrangements which are inspired by historical paintings, as well as developing Christmas works with a story. The main focus lies on handicraft, the course is also full with structural items.


5 items

By incorporating vine structures, we change the image of a Strauss. Bogen forms, basket bouquets: we will teach you gorgeous variations of bouquets, which will even shine in demonstrations and exhibitions.


12 items

You will make a sphere out of slender green and fine flowers, learn how to arrange flowers in the crossing style, and to make a wreath out of fresh flowers on a Sphagnum base. The items technical level is high.



3 items

Let's think about the position of the growth point and the density of a natural arrangement. Learn variations in "natural winding style".


2 items

Arrangements which confer to classic Dutch & Flemish era style. You will be touched by the history of art, but also by our modern transformations.


4 items

Four items with the theme "Rectangle". We train and widen your sense of creativity by incorporating  shapes that give a modern impression to flower design.


2 items

The crossing lines are running diagonally to the arrangement's base, even go over the edge and into the outside. A Kranz (wreath) is floating high in the air on crossed twigs. The possibilities of flower design are widening.


2 items

Learn an asymmetric handtied bouquet and a romantic bouquet, which looks  like a flower meadow on a grass bed.


6 items

You will study an Advent wreath for the table and Gefässe (vessels in German), made out of natural materials. We also deepen our knowledge of Advent traditions. Easter season will bring a creative nest type arrangement.

Two ways to attend

Learning sequentially from the basics

Step Up program

The step up program is the right way of studying for those, who want to learn flower design intensively and logically, from the very beginner level to the highly intensive courses, each course building up on another.

Because of following step by step, your understanding will deepen gradually, and as the technical level of the items also goes up gradually, design skills are acquired without experiencing sudden difficulties. This kind of full course, learning step-by-step , is the best way for flower design newcomers.


This course is available throughout Japan

Learning by choosing a course of your interest

One Pack program

You can choose the Progress course as a package.

This course is the first step to awaken creativity, by teaching complex designs of Strauss and arrangements, structural items, a combination of craft frames and flowers, and culture-inspired items. Package courses are recommended for those who want to try out the Blumenschule concept. Please refer to your instructor about the availability of this course.


You can choose the Progress course all over Japan.