Beginner Course (Junior Student Course)


You will learn the entrance steps into various types of flower designs.

Basic techniques such as a simple Strauss ( handtied bouquet), traditional form arrangements, simple natural styles, and a fundamental structural design.

You will learn to make a Christmas wreath, a "Kranz", and a cute Easter work, that touches the culture of Europe.



5 items

From a simple handtied bouquet to a bouquet with increased varieties of flowers and differences in height. You will also learn how to tie a bouquet without turning it in your hand.


9 items

Starting with basic forms, you will learn about variations and proportions.


6 items

Through observation of nature and knowing the vegetation of plants, you will learn how to use stones and moss to express the seasonal themes.


3 items


Every flower and every leaf have a texture. You can feel when touching them with your hand. In our lessons we turn this experience into flower designs.


2 items

We form a cylinder out of bronce net and add flowers. The very first step to build constructions and frame works.


4 items

You will learn about quiet materials, movements, planes and lines, and about contrasts. It is a design that can be expressed with minimum material.


2 items

You will learn to create bridal bouquets using a bouquet holder. It is about basic round bouquets and designs which flow  downwards.


5 items

Two types of Christmas wreaths and 2 Christmas arrangements with apples and candles. You will also learn about Easter baskets.

Two ways to attend

Learning sequentially from the basics

Step Up program

The step up program is the right way of studying for those, who want to learn flower design intensively and logically, from the very beginner level to the highly intensive courses, each course building up on another.

Because of following step by step, your understanding will deepen gradually, and as the technical level of the items also goes up gradually, design skills are acquired without experiencing sudden difficulties. This kind of full course, learning step-by-step , is the best way for flower design newcomers.


You can start all over Japan and in Taiwan

Learning by choosing a course of your interest

One Pack program

You can choose the beginner course as a package.

This course starts with fundamental designs and you can study various types of items to help you understand flower design guidelines. There are also items to enjoy the European culture, such as Christmas and Easter. Package courses are recommended for those who want to try out the Blumenschule concept. Please refer to your instructor about the availability of this course.


You can choose the Beginner course all over Japan and in Taiwan.