Course system

At the Hana Ami Blumenschule, we offer 2 kind of courses:

the Student Courses, where you can start to learn and enjoy to arrange flowers, and

the Instructor Courses for those with experience, who want to teach our items with an Instructor license.



Student Courses


These are course for those, who want to learn and be taught.

Starting with the Beginner Course, you can properly learn flower design from the basics. Please follow the Step Up program, if you want to build up step by step. Starting from the very beginning is the proper way to learn.

You can also choose to study just one of our student courses as a package course, if you are experienced enough. 






Instructor Courses


These courses are for those who want to teach or want to study in an academic way. The Instructor courses are mainly licensing courses. You will not only learn how to make our items, but also how to teach them. After receiving your Instructor diploma, you are allowed to use our name, our logo, and to teach our items. You will be able to issue Hana Ami Blumenschule student diplomas for your students.You will also join HAIS, the Hana Ami Instructors Society.