Intensive Course (Professional Student Course)


By training detailed techniques and wide ideas, we will improve the completeness of the design. A bridal bouquet that requires a high degree of skill and concentration, such as using a lot of flowers and a great deal of wiring techniques, will cultivate your mind and challenge you to reach a higher level. At the end of the course, you will create your own artwork by working out an object, listening to a story and designing freely according to what you heard and felt. This last course is the entrance into your own designing world!  


5 items

You will be advised to create a bouquet wrapped in a mat woven with grains, you will get instructions for a tall Strauss with an umbrella-like construction inside. Generally, in this course, a bigger amount of flowers is used, larger branches, therefore higher challenges in every single lesson.


2 items

We will study typical German designs, an arrangement which looks like a bouquet with especially long stems, you will bind a traditional Medaillon out of dried flowers, a real gem in our collection.


6 items

The structural designs of this upper course can be used as displays, they are highly challenging, free standing woven constructions, cubes holding flowers in a high position, it is all about the knotting points and the balance.


4 items

You will learn how to change the visual effect by changing the angle of the lines. Modern and graphical items that require a good eye and decision power are the results.


4 items

The degree of static and motion, the degree of different placement methods, and the degree of composition. These are very advanced themes, which only can be studied in the intensive course.


4 items

Studying the surrealistic pictures of Dali and Magritte, we can get an idea of what an objet is about. We increase the image of a bulb to a big size and see what happens!


3 items

Learn the historic styles, such as Baroque, Rococo and Jugendstil, and create a floral interpretation.


2 items

You will learn how to bind a downwards flowing bouquet that makes use of the movement of the natural stems of plants, and you will learn the wiring techniques necessary for an asymmetric bridal bouquet.


1 item

Achieve all the Japan New Year's knowledge and customs and learn how to make an original modern New Year's wall decoration.


4 items

Learn the items that have evolved around German traditional Christmas decorations, a candle Strauss, and the most difficult, but also most beautiful double hanging Christmas wreath.


1 item

A modern variation of traditional Easter ornaments. You will also learn about the history and customs of Easter.

Two ways to attend

Learning sequentially from the basics

Step Up program

The step up program is the right way of studying for those, who want to learn flower design intensively and logically, from the very beginner level to the highly intensive courses, each course building up on another.

Because of following step by step, your understanding will deepen gradually, and as the technical level of the items also goes up gradually, design skills are acquired without experiencing sudden difficulties. This kind of full course, learning step-by-step , is the best way for flower design newcomers.


You will become a        Hana Ami Pure Designer

This course is available throughout Japan

Learning by choosing a course of your interest

One Pack program

You can choose to study only the intensive course.

In this superlative course, we will train techniques and ideas. Cultivating the power to design, such as creating a work from your own intuition into your creative form.

It is recommended for those who want to improve their already high level technique and who want to increase their designing potential.


You can choose the Intensive course all over Japan.