Student Members voices

 There are 800 Blumenschule students all over the country.
Please l
isten to the voices of our students!




Since I am coming from a long distance, when I arrive at the school, I am looking forward to the coffee that Mrs. Hasegawa, the nice Blumenschule secretary prepares for me. I am also looking forward to see all the wonderful design works in the schoolroom, while enjoying the sun and the view into the cherry tree through the room's skylights.

Mr. Yoshimoto, my instructor, is very kind and polite to me, and I have no worries about my lessons.

Sometimes the tea time with the teachers is a dream, with the added handmade sweets of Mrs. Gabriele's daughter. My lesson time at school is really blissful.




I love flowers and am taking the lessons as a hobby.

The designs of the Hana Ami Blumenschule are on a high level, so, before joining, I felt a bit of an uneasiness whether I could make it or not.
The special Blumenschule techniques are taught beautifully,
the making is easy to understand for me, and I go to the lesson happily every time.

There are so many fashionable and wonderful works, and I enjoy to decorate them at home after the lessons.

You know everything about flowers, Mr. Yoshimoto!
My instructor is a wonderful teacher, who always teaches me all details, he is very reliable.

Thank you always! 



Hello from the classroom of Mrs. Tahara in Ota-ku, Tokyo.

Located in a quiet, residential area, the classroom is on the first floor of a private home. We enjoy fun lessons with beautiful BGM flowing through the rooms.

Every time, we are so much excited about which wonderful flowers we will use for the lessons. We start with learning the names of the flowers, so it is really all easy to understand even for a beginner.

We always feel happy when arranging flowers!

Although we all use the same flower material, the results change according to the person who makes the arrangement, so we always create a petite exhibition afterwards and through seeing each other's designs, we learn even more.


So much fun!

It's fun to build foundations and frameworks!

Christmas items are especially fun!

There are some difficult items, but the feeling of accomplishment after finishing is such a happy feeling!

I work in a flower shop, but by using the theoretical structure to understand design, by adopting what I learned about colors and the characteristics of flowers, the bouquets and arrangements I make for the shop have changed a lot.

By taking the Hana Ami Blumenschule lessons, I acquired various techniques and feel safe to use them.

I have been taught by Mr. Yoshimoto at the main school, but luckily, Mr. Kubo and Mrs. Gabriele are visiting the classroom often and are giving me advices.

How do the teachers approach completion? I have been taught all details really carefully.