Instructor Course

The Instructor courses allow you to learn how to TEACH the student course items of the Blumenschule. They are generally spoken LICENSING COURSES.

Once you have an instructor license, you can start your own Hana Ami Blumenschule Student course at your school.

The course is therefore meant for experienced persons, who want to acquire the qualification of a Hana Ami Blumenschule Instructor. Also experienced people, who want to study deeply and on an academic level, can enter these courses directly, if they have enough practical experiences with flowers already.

The Instructor course is divided into four courses, each 36 items. You can add course after course, depending on the volume you want to teach.

Instructor License

We have 4 Instructor Courses.

They are building up on each other, starting with the Junior Instructor Course. 

After having absolved your first course and a test, you will receive your INSTRUCTOR LICENSE.

From here, you can start teaching the

HANA AMI BLUMENSCHULE European Design Course.
Made by a German flower designer, living in Japan, and a Japanese designer, who studied in America!

From there you can add Instructor course after Instructor course, growing together with your students.


After having achieved a JUNIOR INSTRUCTOR LICENSE,

you can teach the Hana Ami Blumenschule Student Beginner Course with 36 items.(Junior Student Course)


After having achieved an ADVANCED INSTRUCTOR LICENSE,

you can add the Student Basic Course to your teachings, then teaching 72 items.(Advanced Student Course)


After having achieved a SENIOR INSTRUCTOR LICENSE,

you will be able to teach the Student Progress Course, already owning 108 items.(Senior Student Course)



you can guide your students through the Students Intensive Course, finishing a splendid program of 144 items. (Professional Student Course)


Course Features

Learning the mechanics and how to teach them.

Understanding the points.


In the Instructor course, participants will learn how to make and teach our items using easy-to-understand texts and detailed instructor manuals.

Learning the theory intensively and deepen your knowledge

In addition to student texts and instructor manuals, we will also study the Hana Ami Blumenschule Schema. Backed up with culture and history study booklets, we look behind design theory and works. This is an academic course, that deepens your own breadth and knowledge, as well as it enables you to be one of our instructors.

Lots of items

There are 144 lesson items in the Hana Ami Blumenschule system. 144 items are divided into four courses of 36 items each, you can qualify step by step to adjust to the volume you want to teach. Start is from the Junior Instructor course. Upper Instructor classes all build up on each other, so you cannot start from these courses. You will be able to qualify in one year for 1 course. You are allowed to start teaching our lessons as soon as you receive your first instructor license.

You can start teaching immediately.

Once you became an instructor, you will be able to get all the tools you need for teaching our lessons, including student recruitment brochures, student texts, student membership cards and check-in cards. Your students, who have completed the course, will be issued an autographed diploma from the founders, Kazumasa Kubo and Gabriele Kubo.

Recommended for whom?

If your motto is "I want to teach", maybe that means that you like to communicate with people! And that you want to share your knowledge with others, or that it is your biggest pleasure to tell people about flowers. You just love teaching! And you already have experience in flower designing. Then the Instructor course is perfect for you!

Since this is a license course, you can open a flower design school, starting with a Blumenschule course, or you can add a European design course, called the Hana Ami Blumenschule course, to your own school program, as soon as you finished. This course is also recommended for those who want to study deeply and widely, because it is a course, that teaches the necessary theories, widens your teaching skills and adds cultural and historic knowledge. You do not have to teach after receiving your license. It is an option and your free decision.

After you received your qualification license, you will automatically become a member of HAIS, the Hana Ami Instructors Society. You will meet other teachers, you will have chances to demonstrate together with them, you are joining an active support and study group and will for sure make good new professional friends there.


Teaching the Hana Ami Blumenschule items & the freedom of our instructors

One of our most important points is:

we give freedom to our instructors!


Freedom of flower choice: it is up to you, which flowers you use to teach an item. We recommended flowers, but your choice is free!

Freedom of container choice: of course, we recommend containers, but again, it is your free choice which container you use for teaching.

Freedom of size: you can teach the items in a very small scale, you can widen them up into gorgeous arrangements. The volume of your lesson items is your free decision.

Freedom of pricing: our prices to you ( students diploma fees, text fees) are fixed, but your lesson price is your free decision.


With this system, we are enjoying to see a wide collection of many varieties. And that is what makes flower design so enjoyable, right?

We love diversity!


Start is from the Junior Instructor Course

All our Instructors start from the Junior Instructor Course.

You learn how to teach by practicing each item intensively. After having studied No.1 to No.36, you will be able to obtain a Junior Instructor License, and you can open a school to teach these 36 items of the Beginner Course immediately after acquisition. If you already have a school, you can increase your course offers by adding the Hana Ami Blumenschule Courses. You are welcome to use the name "HANA AMI BLUMENSCHULE branch".



Where to study the instructor courses

Study to be an Instructor in the classroom of a Meister instructor:

Chigasaki headquarter School / Kyushu school

Meister Instructor 

Kazumasa Kubo


teaching on request

Tokyo, Ginza

Chiba, Gyotoku


Meister Instructor

Mieko Sakaguchi


teaching on request

Hyogo Prefecture

Kobe City


Meister Instructor

Yukiko Nishimura


teaching on request

Miyagi Prefecture

Sendai City


teaching on request

Hokkaido Prefecture

Sapporo City


teaching on request

Meister Instructor Gabriele Kubo is coordinating the courses.

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