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An academic approach to deepen your knowledge.

With our study system, you will learn to really understand European Flower Design.


I want to be a flower teacher. I want to increase my teaching skills and my school's lesson items.


If you have experiences with flower design, want to know deeply about European design, if you want to raise your teaching skills,

and you want to get a teacher qualification, please look at our

It is my first time to study flower design. I want to learn more.

I want to enjoy to study flower design.



If it's your first time to learn or if you want to learn more,

simply, if you want to enjoy to study flower design, then visit our 


Blumenschule Select Lessons

We offer 9 of our study items as trial lessons.

What makes us special:

GERMANY x JAPAN: The Hana Ami Blumenschule It is a school founded by Japanese Kazumasa Kubo and German Gabriele Kubo. Our goal is to communicate flower design in a way that is easy to understand.

144 ITEMS: From basic via traditional design to modern and cultural items, 144 flower designs are lined up for you to acquire the understanding and techniques of flower designing.


TEXT & MANUAL: There is a reason for the beauty of a flower design. Each item at the Blumenschule comes with a text, which explains the theories politely and in details.


The Meister Instructors

The Hana Ami Blumenschule is a schooling system created by Kazumasa Kubo, who is a flower designer in Japan, and Gabriele Kubo, who is a Floristmeister from Germany. Currently, Kazumasa Kubo and five Meister instructors teach all Instructor courses.
More than 50 active instructors are teaching the student courses all over Japan.

Co- founder Gabriele Kubo, is currently in charge of expanding and publicizing the schooling system.

We offer even more:

HAIS, the Hana Ami Instructors Society, is our group of teachers, who support each other and are creating gatherings.

Members organize study courses and do create videos, all meant to be better and better teachers.

The Blumenschule has a school event every year, please see our last events on these pages.

Blumenschule video collection

Lesson Collection Vol.6

"Davidstern", a typical European item. The 5 legged star, made out of lavender bunches, is an item we offer in the "Select Lessons" as a trial. 

Lesson Collection Vol.5

"Geteilt & Ueberspielt".

"Divided & Playful". An item which is developed out of the Schema itself.

Lesson Collection Vol.4

A structural hand-tied bouquet. This is an item from the upper classes.

Lesson Collection Vol.3

"Adventskranz", a typical European item. See, how we work them out.

Lesson Collection Vol. 2.

The theme is "natural".

Stones, mushrooms, moss. One whole world in the base. This is the point!

 Lesson Collection Vol.1.

"Strauss" means  "bouquet" in German.

The first training steps at the Hana Ami Blumenschule start from tying bouquets.

Please take a look!

Flower Design Exhibition 2018


Akarenga Halls, Yokohama

Flower Design Exhibition 2018


Akarenga Halls, Yokohama

Every year, we hold a Hana Ami Blumenschule flower design exhibition, where we show our concept and works of students and teachers.

This video is about the "Botanical Christmas Exhibition", held in 2017.


Our motto



More information


"Keep teaching, keep studying"

This is the motto of the Hana Ami Blumenschule.

In order to understand and improve skills, there is no better way than to keep learning and deepening your knowledge.

Learn about flowers, techniques, and design. Learn a lot. As a student and as a teacher.

If you want to continue to learn and continue to teach even better, the Hana Ami Blumenschule will probably fit you!

We are sending out  informations about the Hana Ami Blumenschule, together with other Hana Ami activities.

If you wish to receive these, please register here.


The news includes:

*updates about the Hana Ami Blumenschule events

* information about the "International Teachers of Floristry"                    seminars of Gregor Lersch in Japan

*news about Gabriele Kubo's lessons

*informations about Kazumasa Kubo's lessons

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