Basic Course (Advanced Student Course)


In this course, we will increase fundamental  techniques and knowledge. The basic course is full of original Hana Ami Blumenschule techniques, such as a "Strauss von der Seite gebunden", a natural stem bouquet to be worked out from the side, not from the center. You will learn the Lilian technique, which we use for the frame construction of a bouquet. Enjoy to hear about  the symbolic meaning of the Christmas Star, and work out a little "dwarf" object, which makes you create an original vessel.  


5 items

Learn unique techniques such as the 200 degree Strauss and the downfloating Strauss. You will also study color items, actively applying the color theories.



10 items

Diagonal and horizontal parallel designs, winding designs and dissolving designs. Upfloating and downfloating directions. You will also learn about the relationship between shapes and colors and the effects of three-dimensional forms.


6 items

You will learn how to express flowers and plants by focussing on their natural habitus. You will also study how to incorporate natural materials such as branches, roots, barks and stones.


1 item

This work relates to the image of dwarfs dancing, as they do in fairy tales! It is our starter object, in fact a selfmade "Gefaess", a handmade vase.


4 items

Out of vines, we create winding structures and add flowers. We also work out wreaths on a moss base, also trying to transform a Gothic style window rose into a floral arrangement. Inspirations are everywhere!


3 items

You will learn the effect of arranging flowers by crossing their stems. The impact of the angle, the differences when using straight lines or rounded lines.


2 items

You will learn a natural stem bridal bouquet, and a very cute bag bouquet, knitted from grass!

CULTURE5 items

In the Christmas season, we study traditional Advent wreath techniques as also a modern wreath, put up high. The star arrangements will tell you a lot about the symbolism of stars.

Two ways to attend

Learning sequentially from the basics

Step Up program


The step up program is the right way of studying for those, who want to learn flower design intensively and logically, from the very beginner level to the highly intensive courses, each course building up on another.

Because of following step by step, your understanding will deepen gradually, and as the technical level of the items also goes up gradually, design skills are acquired without experiencing sudden difficulties. This kind of full course, learning step-by-step , is the best way for flower design newcomers. 

This course is available throughout Japan

Learning by choosing a course of your interest

One Pack program

We offer the possibility to study the basic course as a separate package.

In this course, we will increase your basic techniques and knowledges of the Blumenschule concept. Please refer to your instructor about the availability of this course.Package courses are recommended for those who want to try out the Blumenschule concept.


You can choose the Basic course all over Japan.