As you chose the Student Courses, you are for sure an ambitious personality! Or maybe you feel the wish to learn more about your beloved flowers. Or you see beautiful flower designs and wish to be able to create something similar by yourself!

The Hana Ami Blumenschule student courses are the perfect choice for those, who want to know more, those, who want to learn and achieve skills. You can study in a relaxed and free way. Courses can be chosen flexible, according to your goal and your level.

There are 144 beautiful flower design items lined up in the student courses, divided into 36 items by four courses.

You can follow the four courses step-by-step, or you can choose the course you like.


4 courses



(Junior Student Course)

You will learn to create various types of flower arrangements. We start with basic round, square and triangular arrangements, fundamental Strauss techniques( handtied bouquets), easy structural designs, followed by Christmas wreath techniques and Easter items.



(Advanced Student Course)

We will increase basic techniques and knowledge. Starting with a "Strauss von der Seite gebunden", meaning "a handtied bouquet from the side", an original Hana Ami Blumenschule technique. You will learn to make bridal bouquets with natural stems, you will study the Lilian technique for structural designs and how to make a floral Christmas star.



(Senior Student Course)

The progress course is full of items to awaken creativity. Handmade Manschette and woven mats, contemporary-style pictures inspired by history and culture, lots of structural arrangements and Christmas works with a story are awaiting you.



(Professional Student Course)

By training detailed techniques and expressiveness, we will improve the completeness of a design. You will learn to design a bouquet that requires high level technics and concentration, to create free objects, and to transfer stories into your own unique designs.

Select lessons



We offer set of trial lessons.

You will be able to study 3 of our best items including textes without paying a member fee!


2 programs

Learning sequentially from the basics

Step up program


The step up program is the right way of studying for those, who want to learn flower design intensively and logically, from the very beginner level to the highly intensive courses, each course building up on another.

Because of following step by step, your understanding will deepen gradually, and as the technical level of the items also goes up gradually, design skills are acquired without experiencing sudden difficulties. This kind of full course, learning step-by-step , is the best way for flower design newcomers.

When you finish the 144 lessons, you will have the power to build your own design using a lot of techniques. At that point, you will receive the title of a "Hana Ami Blumenschule Pure Designer". Finishing all 144 items will also enable you to proceed to the Special Instructor Courses.

The Hana Ami Blumenschule opens the doors into the world of flower design! 

Complete the step-up program and acquire the title of a

"Hana Ami Blumenschule Pure Designer" 

You can start all over Japan and in Taiwan

Learning by choosing a course of your interest

One pack program


You can choose the course you like on any level. If you are an experienced flower designer and are interested in the design of the Hana Ami Blumenschule, this style is recommended.

If you already have enough experience or have studied at other flower design schools, you can choose the upper courses and enjoy the distinctive items of The Blumenschule.

Frame designs, allround wreath techniques, handtied bridal bouquets with natural stems, items from the era style and many more original designs are awaiting you!

Once you have completed a course, you will obtain a participation diploma.





Complete one-pack programs to obtain Hana Ami Blumenschule diplomas

You can choose your favorite course all over Japan and in Taiwan

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