Instructor Course Prices

1 Item ¥20,000

The Instructor course fee of the Hana Ami Blumenschule is a fixed price for all of our Meister Instructor schools.

The 4 Instructor courses (Junior Instructor, Advance Instructor, Senior Instructor and Professional Instructor course) cost all the same price.


1course costs

Tuition fee

¥20,000×36 items

Text fee


Instructor License Test fee


Instructor License Authorization fee


(Free of tax for foreign students)


 Tuition includes material costs

Rates may be revised


Payment times: Once, twice, each time

Payment Method: Bank transfer, credit card, PayPal


[Instructor License Yearly Renewal Fee]


You can choose to renew the license you have acquired.

* Renew your active license:     ¥20,000 yen renewal fee per year

* Renew your inactive license:   ¥ 5,000 yen renewal fee per year

* Stop your license:                 no renewal fee.